Friendship Center Brings Back Full-Time Social Fun: Catch us on the News!


Our Executive Director, Heidi Holly was interviewed alongside caregiver Marlene Vitanza to discuss the positive impact Friendship Center has made for her husband and member, John, as well as herself. Our members were filmed as they enjoyed singing with Carol Ann (our Vitality partner from SBCC), and while doing outdoor activities with our wonderful staff members.

“We really focus in on what our seniors want to do and how they can be active during the day,” Friendship Center Executive Director Heidi Holly said. “This gives their caregivers a much-needed break.”

Our families share our excitement as we open for full hours (Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-12:30pm) starting March 1st, featuring increased activities that engage members physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially, more community connections, and professionally made hot lunches. We hope to grow our compassionate community of seniors as the world becomes safer.

“My husband is in a safe environment,” Marlene said. “He’s in a loving environment.”

See the full KEYT news report and article here