Christine Poarch

Program Specialist / Food Services Coordinator
Brief info

Professional at making things, people, food etc. look prettier!

Christine is a cool, calm, artistic California native hailing from the San Bernardino area. She has lived off and on in Santa Barbara since 2002, with brief layovers in Chicago and Redondo Beach. This girl loves to travel! So, if you don’t find her in town, she’s most likely off exploring by plane, train, automobile, or boat. If she’s not physically traveling, Christine can talk your ear off about travels and loves to hear your travel stories too. Hiking is a favorite activity of hers as is cooking…loves to cook…and talk about all things food…and eat food.

Christine has always been fond of seniors and grew up being very close to her French Grandma, Yvonne. She loves hearing stories and celebrating the lives of her senior friends!

She has had many careers, including being successful hairstylist, but working with her pals at Friendship Center is her favorite position 🙂