What’s Next on the Agenda?


Friendship Center’s hybrid day program will consist of a morning (9-12:30 p.m.) and an afternoon (1:30-5 p.m.) session, Monday through Thursday.

Your loved one will be assigned to one of these sessions in which they will be able to exercise (Yoga? Tai Chi? Cycling without Age anyone?), listen to music (The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys – oh my!), create artistic masterpieces (Welcome Back Posters, customize your own Friendship Center Tote), play games (did someone call out BINGO?), and so much more!

Each session will consist of the same group of 10 members, and members will be able to attend on a continuous basis every week. Our in-person program will include a delicious snack (rather than a meal), times to hydrate and sanitize, and most of all, time to be social!

To ensure safety, all staff and members will be required to wear masks, social distance, and have their symptoms checked and temperatures taken upon entering Friendship Center. All visitors, volunteers, and entertainers will be screened through temperature, symptom screening, and documenting their vaccination cards.

All families will be notified in the event of a positive COVID-19 case via the Department of Public Health.

For more information about enrolling in our program, please contact Family Services Manager Kim Larsen at: [email protected] or (805) 969-0859, ext. 2.

For any other questions, contact Program Manager Rachel Graef at: [email protected] or (805)-969-0859